About Us


We are an economic enterprise born out of a passion for healthy and natural products and our deep sense of commitment  to our social responsibility. The founders are ardent seekers and consumers of natural, free of synthetic chemicals, minimally processed, environmentally friendly, and sustainably, safely and locally produced products.   

Seaweeds has been our business for almost 30 years, through our sister  company - Carragel Corporation. Philippine seaweeds is known all over the world and is being processed and used as thickener and binder  in a lot food products (baked goods – cakes, cookies, bread; meat products – ham, bacon,  salami, sausages;  beverages - lemonade, fruit juice, beer) as well as  in beauty products and pet foods.


To provide SCIENTIFICALLY-ADVANCED, SAFE, and INNOVATIVE NATURAL products that utilize ingredients derived from natural sources as we ardently promote a healthy lifestyle, enhance human life, and sustain communities.


To be at the forefront in providing innovative natural products so every consumer will have a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


MyNatural is a culmination of almost a decade of involvement, exploration, collaboration with top research institutions in the country and  attendance in international seminars, conventions and symposia in the development of quality line of seaweeds/marine based products which are NATURAL, ORGANIC, HEALTHY, SAFE, SUSTAINABLY PRODUCED AND ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY.  

MyNatural  - not  just a product, a brand or a company;  it is a way of life.  It’s a movement for a  healthy lifestyle,  producing and using products that are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients, , caring for the planet  and sustaining local farming communities.