Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyNatural and Algynatural?

MyNatural  is a brand founded on the principle of commitment to provide quality products which are naturally- derived, healthy, and safe, harnessing in the power of Nature and Science.  

AlgyNatural -  is the brand under Mynatural  for its personal care line having seaweeds extracts as the primary active ingredient. Hence, the word “Algy”  ( from the word algae, a specie classification to which seaweeds belong to).

Why seaweeds extracts?

Studies have shown that seaweeds’ chemical composition is closest to that of the human blood plasma, making it essentially harmonious to our skin. It has essential fatty acids and is packed with vitamins and minerals that enable the human skin to restore skin balance. It also helps reduce risk of skin aging through its anti- oxidants, and promote rehydration in skin cells through its phytonutrients. Seaweed is also known to aid in skin repair making it the perfect ingredient for personal skin care.

In fact, Seaweed was recognized in France as the best functional active ingredient for skincare in 2016.

Why use AlgyNatural products?
  • The synergy of Nature and Science: AlgyNatural’s main ingredients are natural essential nutrients derived from seaweed extracts , mixed with nature’s finest essential oils and enzymes that have multiple benefits according to product use.  Each of our products contain special  Biomarine Active Compounds of  micro nutrients, peptides, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, antioxidants and complex sugars that are carefully studied and developed to address specific consumers'  personal care needs. Every ingredient in each product are carefully studied to work synergistically and deliver its purpose, and completely compatible with the human body’s chemical composition.
  • Promotes healthy Skin:  Our body itself is physiologically designed to go through a natural process of skin regeneration. With this in mind, AlgyNatural ™products are specially designed to have bioactive compounds that help facilitate and improve this natural process. The careful blend of  active - marine ingredients infused with enzymes and essential oils have proven efficacy as antibacterial, moisturizers, purifiers and soothers .Thus,  its synergistic anti-  oxidants ingredients do not only prevent harmful pollutants from entering the body but also help  dissolve free radicals;  making the anti- oxidizing  qualities so many times effective.  
What is the difference between AlgyNatural regular and Ocean Blue?

Algynatural ( Regular)  helps address the needs of consumers with less sensitive skin but still wish to  have the benefits of  our natural active ingredients to care for their body. Non- active ingredients are least processed and used at the best minimum amount possible.

Ocean Blue: Our Ocean Blue line addresses the needs of consumers that have more delicate skin than others.  Its main components are the highly specialized blend of  ™Marine Eve Biofusion and ™Ocean Eve Biocomplex utilizing  premium grade essential oils and other ingredients sourced from France.

What are Active Ingredients…

Active ingredients in ™MyNatural products are the main ingredients with beneficial properties (e.g. antioxidant, antimicrobial, hydrating) for the skin and hair. These ingredients, derived from nature ( plant sources) include seaweeds extract, essential oils and plant oils, and enzymes carefully synergized for skin and hair health.

Do you use preservatives in your products?

In any product that has water, preservatives are needed to prevent product deterioration and help to ensure that there will be no growth of bacteria or yeast. Preservatives are needed for safety. stability,  and preservation of the quality of the product. Otherwise, product deterioration could accelerate.

MyNatural products use natural additives that works best to complement known powerful cosmetic preservatives.  With this we make sure that the products are both stable and safe for use, leaving no worries for consumers who have issues with controversial commercial preservatives.

We invest to ensure that all ingredients ( active and non- active) all  work harmoniously together to deliver quality products to consumers. Each ingredient in our products, especially preservatives,  are carefully  studied and chosen considering other health factors like  toxicity, carcinogen level, irritation potential, hazardous level, and effect on cellular function among others.


Are MyNatural products safe for pregnant women?

MyNatural products are generally safe for kids and pregnant women. However, discontinue use if unpleasant reaction occurs and consult your physician about it.

How can I be a reseller/ distributor of MyNatural products?

We have a rigid process of screening for direct sellers/ distributors. For interested distributors, kindly send us an email at so our sales team can contact you regarding the requirements and training schedule.