VCO + Activated Charcoal Soap 90g



Algynatural VCO Bath soaps are enhanced with activated charcoal  to detoxify, repair, nourish, and protect your skin from dirt and other skin  impurities.

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All Natural active based ingredients

100% Virgin Coconut Oil

Enhanced with Activated Carbon Technology

Triclosan free


Make Algynatural VCO Soaps part of your bathing routine to  exfoliate, detoxify, and maintain skin balance.

Algynatural VCO soap contains 100% VCO  ( Virgin Coconut Oil) with activated charcoal  to detoxify, repair, and nourish the skin. The special blend of VCO and  activated charcoal complements the function of seaweeds extracts in regenerating healthy skin cells and maintaining skin balance for the continuous renewal and maintenance of healthy skin.


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